Innovative Circuit & Interval Challenge (Water Aerobics)

Julie See, Angie Nelson

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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the video does not give the viewer (instructors or students) a chance to see what the exercise looks like. The use of an underwater view would have been helpful. The instructors endeavors were noble. The instructors demonstrations on the deck were understandably low impact, (they have to be or else the instructors would've risked injury) although I still don't know what it's supposed to look like in real time or in real demo fashion.

The video did not include an underwater view. An underwater view would've helped this video. Karen Westfall, a water aerobics instructor has succesfully accomplished this in several of her videos. Miss Westfall's video used an underwater view utilizing an undercamera and or a camera in an aquarium or waterproof tank.

I am a water aerobics instructor and also a television producer/director, maybe that's why I'm so critical of Miss See's & Miss Nelson's video. I need to know what the moves look like, but when all you can see are the shoulders of the participants in the pool... come on. I called the Aqua Aerobics Association.. that's where I ordered the video and let them know how disappointed I was.. of course I couldn't get my money back so maybe all I can do is let you all know... watch out for this video.. Somebody please take it off my hands.. I'll trade for it almost anything. I think I wasted my money. Help me somebody. If I took this video to a desert island, I would use it as a doorstop.

Instructor Comments:
The instructors Julie See & Angie Nelson certainly know their material They are experts in their field of water aerobics, but...

Joe H. Delgado