Good Golf for Bad Backs

Gary Wiren, Jordan Grabel
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Special Health Conditions , Sports Specific Training

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Although I do not have back problems, I am an avid golfer and when I have had temporary muscle or skeletal injuries, I have had to adapt my golf swing to accomodate the discomfort. This video is a well-done and professionally sound approach that allows the golfer who suffers from chronic back pain to enjoy this challenging game.

It is obvious that some of the suggested swing techniques are unorthodox to the healthy golfer but appear to be very effective in getting a good swing at the ball with a minimal discomfort to the back. The video includes several exercises to keep flexibility that would be helpful to all golfers regardless of whether or not the player has back problems. The exercises are a good preventive regimen to even healthy golfers.

I recommend the video, especially to those with back problems.

Russell Niemi