Backs to Basics (aka End Back Pain Forever)

Diane Wall
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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This video is from Back2Basics, The instructor, Diane Wall, has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Corrective & Therapeutic Exercise. Tamilee Webb directed this video. The setting is indoors, I think maybe a living room, it is a nice set. There is pretty piano music in the background. The video has 2 parts. The first part is a 14 minute beginner's section. Diane instructs a woman in some basic back stretches and strengthening exercises, including some crunches and stabilization work. The second part of the video is 30 minutes long. Diane both instructs this section and demonstrates advanced modifications of the exercises. She includes back, hamstring, inner thigh, and hip flexor stretches. Next are stabilization exercises that are more challenging than the ones in the first section. Strengthening exercises for your lower back finish this part. The video ends with a short talk with Diane and an Orthopedist about lower back pain.

Overall, I really enjoy this video. If you have lower back pain, I definitely recommend it. On days when my lower back is sore, I use this video and my back feels so much better afterwards.

Instructor Comments:
Diane is a very knowledgeable instructor. Her form pointers are excellent and I liked how she shows modifications. She comes across friendly and helpful.