Amazing Mobility

Greg Mihovich
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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I am a 50something intermediate/advanced exerciser, and like most people in my situation, have a few tight body parts, and have started to notice a bit of “creakiness” here and there. So I decided to look around for a joint mobility DVD. I wanted a DVD with one routine I could perform in under an hour, that didn’t overwhelm me with too much material, and didn’t depress me with Cirque du Soleil movements I know I can never execute. Amazing Mobility by Greg Mihovich fits the bill.

Like most DVDs aimed at the hard-core gym crowd, Amazing Mobility doesn’t have lavish production values. It is shot in a gym with one fixed camera. The sound quality isn’t the best, probably because there is only one microphone in a large space, and you can occasionally hear traffic passing outside.

The DVD is chaptered from the main menu, which shows Greg shackled by his ankles in an upside-down crucifix position, an image which I found rather disturbing. After a no-fluff introduction by Greg, the DVD is broken down into the following sections:
* Hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders
* Neck
* Torso and hips
* Knees and ankles
* More shoulders and hips — this section has some nice full-body movements which emphasise balance
* Bonus floor exercises

All the exercises are presented in a follow-along format, with the exception of the floor exercises. Greg recommends that you do 4-10 reps of each exercise. He moves through the exercises quickly, demonstrating impressive agility and flexibility. For the main workout, I was able to complete up to 10 reps following along at my own pace. By following along in this way, then hitting the “pause” button during the floor exercises to get in 10 reps, I completed the entire DVD in just under 40 minutes.

One of the things I like about Amazing Mobility is that all the exercises are do-able for anyone with a reasonable level of strength and flexibility. The only one I baulked at was the “Gymnastic Bridge”, a backbend moving into an upside-down pushup, in the floor exercises section, which I didn’t think would be a good move for someone with a gimpy shoulder. Other positives are the focus on the typical problem areas of shoulders and hips, and the fact that you can get a thorough joint mobility workout in under 40 minutes.

Throughout the DVD, Greg demonstrates common errors in performing the exercises. He uses imagery to explain the moves, such as “imagine you are wrapping your body around a pole” or “imagine your body is between two walls”. He also turns to give a side view where necessary, which means that the fixed camera is not a problem.

The DVD comes with a little booklet explaining the science behind mobility training, and when and how to use the DVD: as a general warm-up before your workout; as part of the Russian Morning Recharge Routine (as this involves an alternating hot-and-cold shower, I don’t think I’ll be trying it any time soon); as an active recovery tool if you are sore from the previous day’s workout; or as a prehab/rehab tool. The booklet also lists all the exercises in the DVD.

Greg recommends that you perform Amazing Mobility three times a week. After doing either the full or partial complex, I feel thoroughly warmed up, flexible and energised.

All up, I would recommend Amazing Mobility to anyone who wants a straightforward, athletic warmup and/or joint mobility routine. You can see a clip from the DVD and order it from Readers should note that it is a DVR.

November 2010 Update: I have been performing Amazing Mobility, either in its entirety, or selected drills, for nearly two years, and my hip mobility (a problem area for me) and overall flexibility have improved markedly. Since I’ve been doing the ankle, knee and hip drills before step and high impact workouts, I haven’t had any knee or ankle issues.

Ratings out of five:
Production values **
Workout design *****
Instruction *****
Fun factor **
Meets expectations *****
Overall 3.8

Instructor Comments:
Greg Mihovich is the owner and head coach at the Underground Gym which specialises in martial arts and kettlebells. Despite being incredibly strong and flexible — you can find a video of him on YouTube performing handstand pushups and feats of strength with kettlebells — he emphasises throughout Amazing Mobility that viewers should go at their own pace and range of motion. He also recognises that some exercises may feel a little odd at first. Greg speaks quickly and has a thick Russian accent, which some may find hard to understand. In all fairness, I think I should also mention that he is hottie.