Aqua Attack, The Ultimate Aquatic Kickboxing Workout

Karen Westfall
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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The Aqua Attack workout includes:

4 minutes - explanation of
benefits & modifications of the
6 minutes - warmup and stretches
10 minutes - introduction,
breakdown and drills of upper
body punches and strikes
10 minutes - introduction,
breakdown and drills of lower
body kicks
15 minutes - aerobic routine
putting it altogether
4 minutes - cool down and
49 minutes - Total

All levels of exercisers could use this workout. It is fun, good for toning legs, arms and abs and is easier on the joints than conventional toning. The intensity can be increased by putting more power into the moves. The backcover of the video describes it as aerobic kickboxing. I am an advanced exerciser, and while it was fun, I did not find it aerobically challenging, but then, I am an aficionado of Cathe videos.

The workout is done in water at a level which comes up to a few inches below the top of the shoulders. Because of this water level, the jabs, hooks, and uppercuts have to be done lower than with normal kickboxing. One background exerciser did the routine with modifications for beginners to this type of workout. Both background exercisers are aquatic instructors. Karenís movements are all in the water and are clearly shown by videocams located both under and above the water. The music is instrumental (Pro Motion) but not overbearing.

This workout could be broken up into two sessions, one for drills and the other, the actual kickboxing routine. My fingers were very waterlogged after 48 minutes. I would suggest wearing aquatic shoes as Karen and the 2 background exercisers do. As I did not wear them, the bottom of my toes were raw after doing the workout. One of the background exercisers wears webbed gloves. Be careful, though, if you use gloves with a velcro closure. I ruined a nylon lycra swimsuit once when I accidentally caught the hook part on it, causing a big run up the front. I would definitely recommend this video for anyone wanting to do something a little different from the norm and lucky enough to have access to a pool and small tv/vcr combo set up in a safe manner.

Instructor Comments:
Karen is an instructorsí instructor and very professional but personable. I found her instructions and form tips throughout the workout to be extremely helpful and done very well. Her cueing is also very good, making the moves easy to follow. I would give this instructor an A+.