Slim and Slide

Kim Alexis
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Sliding

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This is a 40 minute easy slide workout. It is mostly 2 count sliding most of the 20 minute workout. Until the last minute of sprint type sliding which Kim does but it doesn't keep with the beat of the music. Very easy after doing CIA 9703 advance slide workout! Kim has basics arms like "reach for the moon" and "elbow to knee". The filming quality is very good and I liked the color of the set. Kim's background sliders are her husband and some other girl. The music is jazzy and upbeat. I liked it a lot. Kim does 10 minutes of easy toning with no weights after the workout( pushups, sit ups, inner/outer thigh raises). Only one set of each. Very easy, basic and perfect for a beginner. The warm up and cool down are about 5 minutes each. Kim has really long blonde hair that goes almost to her waist! She is very friendly and talks like an achor woman. She keeps talking happily to her husband in the background. I really liked this tape but it was too easy for me.

Instructor Comments:
I was really impressed with Kim's teaching style. I thought she would come across like all the other supermodel instructors. But she is very proffessional and instructs well. You can tell she likes to slide.

Mandy Lee