Reebok Basic Training Slide

Kathy Stevens
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Sliding

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My review posted into the Forum on 2 January 2014:

For those looking for all sliding / cardio... Slide Reebok: Basic Training Workout


A couple VFers were looking for workouts that were all sliding / cardio.

I had the original Reebok Slide and Slide Reebok: Basic Training Workout something like 20 years ago. I went ahead and ordered the workout from Amazon, even though it's VHS, because I want to incorporate pure cardio days when I am not doing the Obsidian workouts.

The VHS came today and I just completed it on my Obsidian 5' board.

There are some reviews on the VF Workout Reviews Database:

Briefly, here is some segment info:

* Instructional Section - 8 minutes - Dave Johnson
* Warm-up - 9 Minutes - on the slide board - Kathy Stevens
* Cardio Workout - 23 minutes - on the slide board (& includes sliding) - Kathy Stevens
* Ab work - 2 minutes - laying on slide board - Kathy Stevens
* Cool-down stretches - 9 minutes - Kathy Stevens
* Total workout length excluding instructional section = 43 minutes

The different exercises on the slide board include the following:
* Basic slide (usually 8 or 4 times back and forth and is incorporated between the other moves)
* Slide, touch front
* Slide, touch rear
* Slide, leg lift front
* Slide, leg lift back
* Slide, knee up
* Slide, elbow in, knee up (like standing crunch)
* Slide, side lunge
* Slide, squat
* Slide, hamstring curl
* Slide, knee up with cross punch
* Slide, athletic stance (basically lower, almost squat)
* Slide, arms lateral
* Slide, arms chest fly
* Slide, arms front raise
* Slide, leg front & cross arms front
* Slide, leg back & front punch
* Slide, arms out, squat forward
* Cross country skier - wide
* Cross country skier - narrow

I may have missed a couple, but this should be the vast majority. They are mostly done 8 x (4 full times across board and back) and 4x near the end.

The stretching segment at the end was basic, but actually really good. There is a move where you are laying back doing a straight leg hamstring stretch & you turn your ankle slightly out. It feels soooo good on the side of the foot! The sliding I've been doing hasn't been bugging me, so I was surprised by the effect of this stretch

My fitbit registered about 250 calories - I forgot to put it on for the warm-up (as usual), so I'm guessing it would be between 275-300 calories total for the workout.

If you don't mind a VHS tape, or have a way to convert it to DVD, I think this is a great, solid cardio workout. I would say it's beginner to intermediate level cardio. You could definitely increase the intensity by holding on to hand weights, even just 1-2 pounds. The music isn't the greatest, but it's fine. It's also interesting to see the early 90's Reebok styles - workout body suits, shoes, hats worn backwards by a couple exercisers, etc

Also, the Obsidian board was slick enough to do all of the moves - no issues there.

I couldn't remember any specifics from when I had the Reebok slide board. I forgot the bumpers slightly angle up with the intent of slowing you down a bit when you hit the side. I didn't find this to be a problem doing the workout on the Obsidian board. The only thing I wouldn't do on the Obsidian board is putting feet up on the bumpers as they do in the workout for the ab work - the bumpers for the Reebok board were flatter & easier to do this on.

Amazon has a few new and used VHS tapes:

I ordered a couple other old school slide board VHS tapes. My plan is to use those on the days I don't use the Obsidian workouts. I'll be using Obsidian 3-4x / week.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful for those of you looking for pure sliding / cardio!



Trish and Mandy sum this video up pretty well in their reviews. This was the first video I did with my slide, and I thought that the long instructional part was good for a brand-new slider. I don't care for the cross counbtry moves or the slide and lunge moves (I keep feeling like that lunging leg is just going to keep on going!)which are in this tape and the Step Co. Slide Training tape, so I'm probably going to work on some modifications for those, as well an alternative to stretching with one foot on the board (which I *HATE* and they do it in both videos).

All in all, I think this is a good tape for newbie sliders, but I think I will outgrow it pretty quickly.

Renee Drellishak


This is a beginner to intermediate video. The video starts off with a few comments from Dave Johnson an Olympic athlete and then Kathy gives an 8 minute instructional section where she shows you all the moves for the workout. The warm up is 9 minutes and very thorough. I like the neck rolls and shoulder rolls. The cardiovascular workout consists of all 2 count sliding so it is very easy compared to other advanced CIA sliding that has 1 count sprint sliding(very very tough!). Some of the moves are two count slide knee up, two count slide leg back, two count slide leg front. The hardest move is the crosscountry move. The music was really motivating and upbeat so even though the workout was too easy for me, I still had fun. The camera rarely shows the feet because it is always focusing on the women in the back, especially this girl with her hat on backwards. You would think that she was the lead! I've seen her in other Kathy Smith step video's. Her name is Alison. The ab work is a joke. Only 8 oblique reps and a few crunches which did nothing for me. The cool down on the other had is wonderful. It is 9 minutes long and it is done to this really nice relaxing synthesizer music. I liked this part of the workout. Then they don't even show Kathy Stevens talking at the end but focus on all the women again. One is dripping with sweat. One guy is drinking. This is all done in slow motion. Then they freeze the video on a guy, chewing gum and looking out the window. Kinda strange but I'm the kind of person that notices all the strange stuff. I wish Reebok would come out with a harder slide workout. All in all, I thought this was a well put together workout.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy does a good job on instructing throughout this video. She is more serious then the other Reebok instructors (Nothing like Gin Miller). I am in awe that Kathy has 5 children! She had 4 at the time she made this video but now she has five. She looks so good and it shows you that you don't lose your figure after having babies.:o)))

Mandy Lee


This is a very good introductory Slide Video. There is a very complete instructional section at the beginning, teaching all the moves and the names for them. You are expected to do this, because during the actual video, she cues by giving the name of the move only, and then gives some pointers on form. Having said that, I really didn't watch this part of the video, and was able to pick up the moves by just watching. I should add that I am a fairly experienced in-line skater, and the movements were very familiar to me. If you don't have skating experience, it may be more difficult to pick up the moves.

Basically the moves in this video are sliding with additional arm moves, or doing a hamstring curl, or touching your toe to the rear or front of the slide when you get to the bumper. The most unusual moves are "Cross country wide" where you turn and face the bumper and swing your arms and move your legs back and forth in a skiing motion, and "Cross Country Narrow," where you do the same moves with your legs a little closer together. No wild and exciting moves here, just basic safe Reebok moves.

The moves are very basic, if you are an advanced slider, skip this video. This video was too easy for me from the beginning, because I in-line skate a lot, and also considered myself pretty advanced aerobically, so 22 minutes of sliding was pretty easy for me. I rewind the aerobic section usually and do it twice. This however gets pretty dull (one of the main complaints I've heard about sliding is that it's boring). However, the woman who talked me into buying this video said it completely wiped her out, and she was dripping sweat by the time she was done. I have never worked out with her, but she claims to do the stairmaster for an hour. So it may just be that, since I am a skater, the moves were very familiar, and the slide provides less resistance than concrete, so it wasn't challenging for me. So, in other words, your mileage may vary. Either way, it is a very good, low (almost no impact) workout for folks who need it for one reason or another.

Trish Ransom