Pathways to BetterLiving with Arthritis

Shoosh Crotzer
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Seniors/Seated

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This tape was well produced by the Athritis Foundation in 1996. The workout is divided into five sections which could be done separetely. Props like a pillow, towel, or strap can be used, but are not necessary. A chair is required. The instructor speaks in a voice-over while you watch the class perform the exercises. I liked that the class of five, who all have arthritis, manages to represent assorted ages, races, genders, sizes and abilities. The exercises and stretches are shown with several easier to harder modifications. All the tapes sections can be done seated. The breakdown is as follows:

A four minute info and pointers section explaining modifications and how to set up and exercise program. Stressing that one must listen to one’s body. If pain is present either modify or skip some of the movements.

Section One - 15 minute seated warm up consisting of deep breathing and slow body movements.

SectionTwo - 7 minute standing exercises for balance and leg work starting with yoga’s "Mountain Pose" (supported on a chair if necessary). Then side and front leg lifts.

Section Three - Aerobic routine. Mostly walking in place. Then shoulder, arm, and wrist moves are added. Then some high knee lifts and and finger movements.

Section Four - Lying or seated stretches. More yoga type stretches like cobra and cat poses. Then sit ups, hamstring and lower back stretches.

Section Five - Lying or seated (or any comfy position) relaxation. I didn't notice the music until this section. It is a very soothing American Indian flute. She leads a progressive muscle tense and relax type relaxation.

This tape is very gentle and I think would help an arthritis sufferer develop better range of motion. One does not have to do all the sections every time. The atmosphere is not intimida

Instructor Comments:
Ms. Crotzer has a nice voice. She is mostly voice-over so you don't actually see much of her.