Senior Aerobics

Kathy Martell

Categories: Seniors/Seated

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This review is a synopsis of a review my mom sent me after I gave her this tape. I got it on a good sale off the CIA site. So, the person actually reviewing this is my mom.

This tape is put out by Creative Instructors Aerobics. After Kathy's introductory remarks, the tape is about 45 minutes long. Some of it is sitting, but most is standing. It exercises the whole body, and I was sweating before it was over. Kathy didn't seem as professional as some other
instructors, but is competent. In her cuing, she usually said the side the audience would be on but not always. Once she said to the right going one direction and then to the right going to the opposite direction, but it was always obvious what she meant. In one section, she uses weights,
but says don't if you don't want to or can't.

Laura S.