Spirit Flow: The 7 Essential Stress Relievers

Michelle LeMay
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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The premise of this workout is that through active relaxation your body can be trained to release the effects of stress on the body and even change its reaction to stress. There are a series of seven different short routines or sequences that you can pick and choose from. Those sequences include:

> The spinal roll
> Torso stretch and tone
> Upper body loosener
> Hip and lower back release
> Hip and torso rock and roll
> Full body revival
> Complete breath workout

Michelle LeMay does all these routines by herself in several different settings. Two of the settings are outdoors: on a beach and in a field with mountains in the background. The last setting is in an indoor studio with a fake sky backdrop.

When you put the DVD in, the introduction by Michelle plays automatically. It is also accessible on the main menu as well as options to play the entire workout or pick and choose segments individually. The option to pick and choose leads you to the menu of the different moves above.

On the plus side, these routines did feel good generally; although there were a few times I wasnít sure what I was supposed to be doing exactly. Plus, I havenít seen other stretch videos like this one. (Thatís a plus for people looking for something different.)

On the negative for me, the workout was just kind of weird. I am more into straightforward workouts and this one had more of an ethereal feel. Plus, her choice of outfits was a bit disconcerting in a segment or two. In a couple of the segments set on the beach, she is in a bikini and I just did not enjoy watching those segments. Nothing wrong with them Ė just not my taste.

I ended up not keeping this DVD. I am hoping someone who likes this workout will post a review as well.

Instructor Comments:
At first, I liked her manner because it seemed down to earth and straight forward in the introduction. Then, I felt discombobulated by some of her statements and didn't feel as comfortable.

Laura S.