Chairobics: The Total Fitness Program

Kat Williams
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Seniors/Seated

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Wow! I never dreamed you could get such a complete workout in a chair having this much fun.The Broadway music hits are great. This innovative 2 hr chair exercise and education video is designed by health professionals for cardiac and respiratory patients but is excellent for any condition that makes exercising difficult. Hand weights add to the upper body workout with instructions on varying the intensity of the prgram. The emphasis on mind-body connection is refreshing and a very relaxing visualization follows the cool-down. Many will get great benefit from the education too. A bargain buy found through 1-800-521-7303

Instructor Comments:
Kat has a special chemistry with the participants and viewers. She is fun, funny, and motivating as she gives clear cues that make the routine safe for persons with a variety of physical limitations. Her connection with her senior exercisers is warm and dynamic. She even relates the moves to activities of daily living.

Cheryl Spessert, pulmonary nur