Urban Rebounding: Volume 2 The Challenge

JB Berns
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Rebounding

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I enjoyed this 45 minute workout! The first half of the workout is repetitive, which was fine, as all the moves were simple and easy to follow, in theory. I had to take out the arm movements several times when I maxed out my HR, lol. Some of the moves include straddle jumps with chest flye, twist jumps with opposite arms, high knee ups with arms I canít recall, kicks with double punches, center jumps with arms to the ceiling, and another variation on straddle jumps/high knees with a different arm move. You repeat these moves several times, and return to the basic bounce in between sets of this. As I said, my HR was really getting up during this, but cutting out the arms made it okay. I was happy that I could actually do all of the moves, and I wasnít getting any calf burn, thanks to a tip from a friend - telling me to think about jumping on my heels to take out some of the calf work. Major calf burn was a huge problem for me the first time I attempted an Urban Rebounder workout.

The next part of the workout was called sports specific, so there were some front back jumps, and some twisty ski type jumps, all with various arms. These moves were a bit harder, but still pretty doable. It was a nice change from the first segment. There were also some jogging segments with short sprints, which was fun. The workout ends with some light strength stuff that I wasnít expecting. There are 1-2 sets each of squats (on the rebounder), lunges (front foot on rebounder), triceps dips, push ups (hands on rebounder), and some abs work. I found the abs work kind of uncomfortable, as I was having trouble finding a spot to lay on the rebounder without the springs digging into my back/shoulders.

JB Berns leads this one, and he wasnít as over the top as I remembered. Heís kind of hyper, but didnít bother me today. His cueing was pretty good, and he wasnít talking as much as I remember from another workout of his I tried. Overall, this was a good workout for me, though challenging. There was a good mix of jumps, so I was reminded of several that I forgot about. That will be helpful for variety next time I try a Leslie on the rebounder.

Instructor Comments:
JB is very enthusiastic and really grew on me. I look forward to trying more Urban Rebounder workouts.



I enjoyed the Basics workout by JB Berns and this one continued that enjoyment. It is a bit longer, with many of the same moves, and it really kicks it up a notch. It also incorporates Squats, push ups, Knee lifts and kicks.

You do need a bit of balance to do this - something I lack ont he best of days - but it is a fun, motiviating workout for the rebounder and is really easy on the knees.

As I have said before, I really enjoy JB Berns as an instructor. He just takes charge and I find him incredibly motivating. I would like to see what he could do to another kind of workout (like floor aerobics or BOSU).

I really like this workout and highly recommend it. I can't wait to see more form this great instructor.

Cori (ziggy2306)


I've had my rebounder since this spring and had almost given up on it. This is the first rebounding workout I've done that I completely enjoyed! I have the first UR video as well as Champion Rebounding. These workout beats them both hands down! The only complaint I have is that I wish it were just a bit longer. But it will be perfect for those days when I want to do a short cardio workout before weight training.

The first 10 minutes or so is a review of all the moves used in the video. J.B just instructs with one person who demonstrates all the moves. I appreciate that this is an entirely separate segment from the actual workout.

The actual workout starts with a 5 minute warm up and goes into 28 minutes of rebounding. The moves are basic (knees, kicks, jogs, etc.) but fun and J.B. has you moving them "around the world" for variety. It's definitely challenging, but very doable. The music rocks too! And all of the participants look like they're having a blast. The set is bright and the music is loud.

After the workout, there's a short 2 minute lower body strength segment on the rebounder consisting of squats followed by an ab section and a stretch.

This workout is fun. The music is great and J.B. is a motivating person to workout with. Definitely the best rebounder workout out there to date.

Instructor Comments:
Much looser and funner in this video than in the first Urban Rebounding Video. He isrelaxed and having a good time, but also very motivating. Saying things like, "Don't wander off on me now, give it all you got." and "I'm sweating too."

Tami Skelton