Urban Rebounding: Volume 1 The Basics

JB Berns
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Rebounding

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When I first bought my rebounder I thought I would enjoy bouncing and dancing while I watched TV or had a few minutes to kill. I soon found it incredibly difficult to do so. Then Urban Rebounding came into my life. I was lucky enough to get this one in a trade and love the fact that I can set up my rebounder and do a workout in a half hour that not only gets my heart pounding and sweat rolling...but is also alot of fun.

I really enjoy JB Berns as an instructor and like his take-charge and get ya movin attitude. The movements are easy and athletic and the workout is great.

I don't use it as often as I used to because my rebounder seems to make loud pounding noises for my neighbours to endure...but I do enjoy pulling it out every now and then and having a load of fun on my rebounder. I am keeping it in my collection for the day when I own a house again and can bounce to my hearts content.

Instructor Comments:

Cori (ziggy2306)


This beginner video will get you off to a good start if you are new to rebounding. JB explains and demos the moves thoroughly. Thereís nothing too imaginative here, but that is a plus if youíve never done this before.

Iíd recommend this as a starter rebounder video because it is fairly short. I found out the hard way that, as in any new type of exercise, you need to break it in slowly. When I first got my rebounder I did rebounding workouts every day for a week. My knees became so SORE! I put the thing aside for several months and then started back slowly. Whatever your fitness level, it is wise to get accustomed to a new form of exercise. Rebounding appears deceptively simple.

There is a thorough five minute warm-up. Then the repeated routines. JB does several rounds of very basic moves like: the basic bounce, jumping jacks, twists, etc. Here and there he will add quarter turns. Several sprints. The actual workout is only about 14 minutes. Thereís an ab section that I canít comment on, because I always skip it!

The set is bright. The outfits are OK. The music has a beat and I can jump to it. The two blonde background exercisers smile a LOT and are having WAY too much fun. You will learn to dread it when JB asks for ďattitudeĒ (in this and other UR workouts) as one gal will act like she has had 200 cups of coffee and move all jerky and weird. And her smile turns into a grimace. Scary stuff!

Iíve noticed slight editing and timing glitches in all my UR workouts. I donít know if they appear in the DVDs.

Instructor Comments:
When I first previewed the UR videos I thought JB would drive me nuts. He says, "Lookin' good", and, "Doing well" every two seconds. Yet, when doing the workout he doesn't bother me at all. Go figure.

JB says to push off from your toes. Other instructors say to push off with your heels. I'd say to give both methods a try and see what feels best for you.