Urban Rebounding: Stretch Bound

JB Berns
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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Stretch Bound Urban Rebounding

Who would have thought of stretching on a rebounder? The tape sounded contrived but I'm always looking for a good stretch tape so I bought this one during the Urban Rebounder special. For a stretch tape it's good and using the rebounder actually helps in the seated stretches.

I'm coming off an extended period of inactivity due to surgery and a knee injury. I'm also quite tall (6' or 6'1" depending on who's measuring) and I don't fit as well laying down on the rebounder as a shorter person might.

Setting: 2003? CIA set, Greg Twombly produced the all the UR tapes, with rebounders arranged around the perimeter of the set. One instructor, J.B. Wells, and 2 background exercisers.

Music: Sort of new agey Dynamix. The music was not distracting and I really didn't notice it during the workout.

Length of Workout: Around 20 minutes, I didn't time it.

You start out with standing on top of the rebounder with your feet spread shoulder length apart. This section could easily be done standing on the floor. The rebounder forces you to work a little harder on your balance. You do a variety of unassisted neck stretches, assisted shoulder and forearm stretches, back and ab stretches. J.B. even has you massage your fingers! Stretches are held a decent amount of time but personally I like a longer stretch.

The seated stretches started with you seated on the edge of the rebounder. Here you do foot stretches. Then you lie down on the rebounder. I found that I liked the elevation and the rebounder was pretty comfortable to lay on. In this section you do bridges, trunk twists, hamstring stretches, and hip/groin stretches.

My only complaint was that there were no quad stretches. Some of the trunk twists and the bridges indirectly stretch the quad but I would have liked a deeper quad stretch.

This tape is not anywhere close to being thorough as Karen Voight's stretch tape but KV's tape is much longer so she does many more stretches. I can't bring myself to do her tape very ofter because of her robotic/over-Prozaced trance stare and the length of the tape.

Stretch Bound makes a good add-on after rebounding since you already have your rebounder out. It was better than I thought it would be but not as good as it could have been. Just add a good quad stretch.

Instructor Comments:
J.B. Wells is very personable and he loves rebounding. Cueing is fine but I had to look at the screen often.