Urban Rebounding: Sports Specific Bound

Shannon Griffiths Fable
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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Workout time: about 26 mins including warm-up and cooldown

Workout includes:
Boxing Section - jap, cross, hook, upper with basic bounce. This is the cardio section with some strength add on (squats and kicks)

Volleyball (or Basketball) section - Jump and hold, Jump block and quick feet

Ski - jump side to side and hold, then jump side to side with hip and hold

Push up and tricep dips (8 reps each)

Skate - jump side to side, then jump side to side with one leg

Run - jogs, high knees, kick backs, sprints

(there are basic bounces during most of each section)

Overall, I would not call this tape cardio-intense. It is more of a strength-oriented.

Instructor Comments:
I like Shannon from UR Interval bound so I decided to get Sports Specific Bound too. She is friendly and encouraging. Somehow she reminds me of Emily from Firm BSS2. From all the UR instructor I have tried (JoJo, Alison and JB) I like her the best. However, there is one point in this workout that she tells us to watch but then she proceeds to count the moves right away, so I did not know I supposed to do that move along with her (and the background exercisers do not know either).