Urban Rebounding: Old Fashioned Hi-Lo

Allison Nolan
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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I enjoyed this video. It's not 28 minutes as a previous reviewer said, by my watch it was about 35 minutes including the warm up.

The moves were easy to execute but really got my heart rate up. I had to modify a couple of the "fancier" footwork moves like the knee up crossover.

I'm an high intermediate/low advanced exerciser, but new to the rebounder. I recently developed tendonitis in my ankles so have started using the rebounder for cardio. This video is perfect for a day when you don't have a lot of time or when you're doing cardio after your weight lifting workout.

Instructor Comments:
I enjoyed Allison Nolan's great cueing. She was not too perky, nor did she sound like a drill sargeant.

Julia Lawler


This workout had no fun factor for me. As advertised, the moves are retro, reminding me of Jazzercise classes I took in the eighties.

The warm-up is about 7 minutes. (I’m figuring the first section was the warm-up, but it isn’t made clear.) The workout was about 25 minutes and the lame cool down/ stretch was just a few minutes.

The set was the usual UR set. The music is dull. The choreo, while possibly interesting, was so badly cued that I barely wanted to finish. Even the background exerciser I was watching got lost more than a few times. I don’t think they rehearsed this enough.

I did follow my DH’s advice and covered the right side of the TV screen so I wouldn’t have to watch “Ms. HappyPants”. That’s probably the only reason I got through the whole workout.

There isn’t really a proper cool down. The workout ends, you stop jumping and get off the rebounder. A quick stretch on one side. Then you get back on and bounce some more. Then get off and stretch the other side. The end.

Instructor Comments:
Allison has a nice personality. But can’t cue. It made me miss JB!