Urban Rebounding: Box and Bounce

Shannon Griffiths Fable
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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I think this is a fun workout. The music especially really motivated me. It was driving techno with some occasional vocal chant type thing. At one point it had a kind of electronic/robotic edge to it, and since I was a young woman in the 80s, this had a fond nostalgia type feeling for me. It is energizing music, and perfect with boxing moves.

The workout is 35 minutes long.

She has a short warmup which uses all the punches and then goes into the first 'combo'.

I think there are 5 or 6 combos total, and then, she repeats the whole thing twice.

After each combo, she runs through the whole thing up til the end of the newly taught combo.

I am an intermediate/advanced exerciser. I define this as : I can do Cathe's Kick Punch & Crunch all the way through without taking breaks, but I can't do Mindy's ultimate bootcamp without a break or two.

To me, this workout was perfect for today, because I am feeling a cold coming on. It recharged me, I feel so much better than I did when I went down to do it, but it didn't overly tax me. I'd say it's a good solid intermediate workout (it's all what you put into it).

I wore hand irons for the boxing moves.

One of the background exercisers, Tracy, is extremely "hyper" and, in my opinion REALLY annoying. The other is completely normal.

Tracy does some very bizarre hand gestures, is spasmodic at times... really hyped up. And her form at times is horrendous. I couldn't watch her while rebounding, because she made me laugh at times, and that was hazardous to my balance.

I will keep this and do it often.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor, is very good. I thought she had the right mix of energy and enthusiasm without any sign of over-perkiness (of course, this is all subjective).