Urban Rebounding: Kickbound

Tracie Finan
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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About me- I am an intermediate exerciser who loves rebounding, so far I have liked every one I have tried, the rest of Compilation #3 and G-Force. I also enjoy using other workouts on the rebounder and just free-styling on it.

The Kickbound workout is part of the Urban Rebounder series and it is lead by Traci. It is a short workout- a little less than 25 minutes with a very short warm up and cool down. There is also a separate introduction that teaches you the moves but the moves were so easy to do that it was really unnecessary. When I read the title I figured that it was a kickboxing style workout, but that was not the case at all, it was more kick line oriented which I thought was good clean fun. The routine consisted of jumping in place, repeaters, knee-ups, heel digs, rocking horse and around the world and the “I dream of Urban rebounding” move which made me laugh every time I did it.

This workout was great, I really enjoyed it. There were only two combinations and they were taught add on style although there wasn't endless repetition of the moves. Since you are jumping pretty fast throughout the whole workout pauses during explanations have more intensity than typical marching in place, which is what made me keep up my heart rate throughout. This workout was fairly fast paced which was good since it was so short, I felt like I got a great workout.

The music was typical techno and the 2 background exercisers where quiet throughout and unremarkable. The set was a gym with rebounders everywhere. Everyone wore typical gym clothes.

I would recommend this workout if you are looking for a short fast-paced rebounder workout that will give a solid intermediate level workout. If you are more advanced you will definitely have to modify up and probably do it twice and I think a beginner could easily do this workout by just doing a basic jump when things get too intense. Or by doing knee-ups instead of full kicks.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie was a competent instructor good form, and fairly solid cuing. She has a cute Brooklyn accent, which was a nice change. She also seemed to be having a genuinely good time so that her motivational comments like "you are a champion" just made me really smile. I could see some people finding her annoying, but I didn't, she is a better instructor than background exerciser, I really liked her.