Urban Rebounding Compilation #3

Shannon Griffiths Fable, Tracie Finan, Allison Nolan, Charles Tyler
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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This compilation contains three workouts:

Kick Bound - 24 min.
There are kicks and as well as regular rebounding moves. All are done safely as well as challenging. There are recovery periods.

Interval Bound - 30 min.
This is an interval workout very easy to follow with sports specific moves and regular rebounding moves. There are recovery periods.

Hi/Lo Bound - 34 min.
Hi/Lo Bound includes every move you've ever done in an old fasion aerobics class. Just safer because you are rebounding. However I do wish they would have included the music as well. This workout also has recovery segments.

Latin Bound - 21 min.
This is way flashy latin flavor at its best. This guy will make you move and smile while working out. This is the slowest tempo rebounding workout in the set. But I think its very fun and again is very add-on friendly. Great for strength days.

Equipment: rebounder only

The set is typical CIA which is bright and decorative not cramped. The music is motivating and very good for rebounding.

From easiest to hardest I would rate as follows:
Latin, Kick, hi/lo, and interval

These are very fun with no dread factor workouts. The instructors are excellent for energy and motivation. These are quick and to the point workouts. Which I prefer because you hop on do your stuff and hop off before you know it you are done. The funniest and most eccentric instructor is in the Latin Bound. You will laugh with him and no know you are working out.

Instructor Comments:
There are four instructors and they are all very motivating and fun. There is great energy in these instructors teaching.