Sneiders Resistance Rebounding

Sarah Sneider
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Rebounding

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This is billed as "7 Quick Workouts in 10 Minutes or Less That Will Change Your Life."

I liked parts of this - I think I'd like them better if I did them as separate add ons to other workouts, or even as a spark, the way it seems to have been intended. I just hit play, and started with the first section.

1) Warm up montage. They show some rebounding moves, some of Sneiders Perfect Workout, pictures of celebrities...not something I'd want to watch again.

2) Daily dozen. This was a nice collection of rebounder moves, using the light weights. I think he tells you to replay it a time or two if you want it to be your whole workout. Nothing really original, and the music for the whole DVD is just very bland instrumentals.

3) Arms, Chest & Shoulders. A lot of the same moves as the daily dozen which really ended up working my shoulders since I did them one after the other. You do overhead presses, front raises, lateral raises, upright rows, triceps kickbacks, bicep curls, some combos of curls and presses. The oddest thing is comments Sneiders son makes -- he sounds like he's reading a bad script.

4) Legs, Thighs & Butt. You're still doing a lot of the same arm movements, but add in a few new things for the lower body. Some kicks, knee ups, "moguls" -- that ski move, some squats in between jumps, cross country ski moves, lots of jumping jacks, some where you cross one foot in front of the other. Maybe something else...

5) Box N' Bounce. This was kind of fun, again, probably better if I hadn't just done all the other ones. You do basic punches -- jabs, hooks, upper cuts, and then do a few kicks. No good combos, though.

6) Flat Abs & Strong Back. If you try to do the whole DVD like I did -- this came too fast after the boxing -- no cool down at all. It's got mostly normal ab moves, but done on the rebounder, some with weights. It did have "bum bouncing" -- and something to start that looked like lat pull overs; crunches, bicycles, lower ab lifts.

7) Flexibility Stretch. Yoga done on the rebounder, and standing next to it and using it as a prop. Leg stretches, a couple of spinal twists, down dog, triangle, side anlge, warrior 2 and a variation on 1, childs pose.

The setting is beautiful; they mostly show a wide enough shot when they change moves so you can see what they're doing; the cueing isn't perfect, and in some places too low to catch right away, but none of it's too complicated; Sarah Sneider is a great testament to the benefits of rebounding. The music really is just "there" - I did notice that you're moving to it once, but mostly didn't notice it.

My favorite rebounding workouts are Jerry James two Champion Rebounding workouts, and G-force.
I prefer doing non-rebounder workouts on the rebounder, and just adapting the moves (Plyo X, Leslie S., some of Cathes cardio, etc.)

Instructor Comments:
Sarah Sneider does the cueing, and it's adequate, as the moves aren't complex. She is pleasant, professional, and has been rebounding for over 20 years.