Keep on Rebounding

Holly Anderson, Darren Carter
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Rebounding

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This is my first (and only, so far) Rebound video. It is good in that it introduces a number of fun and easy moves you can do even without the video. However, it is bad for a first video because the instructor is not very clear in giving directions (even the six background rebounders have trouble keeping up!), so it can be discouraging.

The camera people also add to the confusing nature of this video. The camera sometimes transitions to a different angle, one beat off, so that even tho I might have been doing a certain move correctly, it will be offbeat. The scene then transistions back to the on-beat which I *was* doing before the angle change. (I'm sure that paragraph itself is confusing enough! You get the picture.)

And finally, I was disappointed that I paid so much for what turned out to be a very low-budget and not clean (ie, lots of mistakes) exercise video. Oh well.

On a positive note, I DO get my heart-rate up.

Instructor Comments:
I have to agree with the other review that Holly is stiff and doesn't cue very well. She sometimes loses count and then changes the move before the called-out set is completed. There's also this one part where she completely forgets a certain move, which throws off the rest of the Team Rebound. So, needless to say she was very difficult to follow. I've exercised to it for about a month now, and am finally catching on. Darren Carter in the "advanced section" is a lot clearer in giving instructions and a lot more motivational.

G. Lo


I only did the first two sections of this video as I did not care for it much. The first section was the best. The second section was WAY too repetitive. I think the lack of variety in this workout made it boring for me.

Instructor Comments:
I wish she had shown a little more enthusiam. Also, I didn't thik her cueing was that good at times.



The video is 38 minutes long, although Collage says 54. After about a 60-second warm-up doing marches and step touches, you do a few lower body stretches while your muscles are still cold. Then it's on to the 10-minute beginner/warm-up section on the rebounder. I wish they would have stretched after this section instead, although my calves were killing me all through Section One, even though I took it upon myself to stretch them before I started.

The beginner section is actually the most fun with the most variety - bounces, kicks, jogging, knee ups, knee up kicks, etc. The intermediate section is a lot of repetitive stuff like 3 sets of 8 hamstring curls on each side, then 2 sets, then 1 set, then 4 on each side, etc. Then on to the same pattern using knee ups instead. The advanced section has sprints, slaloms side to side, jumps, tuck jumps and, get this, bouncing on your butt in a v-shape to work your abs. Collage says it includes 3 minutes of tough abs. I don't think it's 3 minutes nor tough.

Positives: Very creative, considering there's not a lot you can do on a rebounder. I consider myself advanced, and my heart rate was in the lower end of my THR range throughout the video.

Negatives: Holly's cuing. There's a heart rate check only after the beginner section.

When they get to the cool down, they tell you to slow jog for a while and then bounce but you're supposed to do this on your own and, of course, then there's no stretch.

I'd feel a little better about this video if I had paid only $9.99 for it, but I guess it was okay - for what it is. Sometimes I like to just listen to aerobic music and make up my own rebounder workout.

Instructor Comments:
The instructors are from (I can hardly type this without laughing) the American Institute of Reboundology in Provo, Utah. The six background rebounders are BYU cheerleaders and Certified Aerobics Instructors. They're called Team Rebound Air. Holly is a little stiff and doesn't cue all that well. After numerous repetitions, she'll switch sides like she expects that you've been counting and know it's time to switch. For other moves, she counts every single rep. Darren is a little more lively, but only teachs a very short section.

Joni O