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Dana Finnegan
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Rebounding

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This rebounding workout from 1985 is a real trip back into time. Journey with me to the fitness craze of the 80ís! Itís all there: pastel leotards, leg warmers, head bands, big hair, big jewelry and glamorous make-up. The music fits the time period and is quite loud.

Dana goes right into a long 9 minute stretch warm-up, then 25 minutes of rebounding and then a cool-down.

As usual, I had trouble with the choreography. Her cueing isnít great, it isnít awful either. Thereís just too much of it! If you are bored with the same old Urban Rebounding choreo, you might like this. The moves are energetic and vigorous. Iíd say this is an intermediate to advanced workout.

I probably wonít do it again. Too frustrating!

Instructor Comments:
Dana is very athletic. She has to shout the many, many cues over the loud music.