G-Force 2

Carol Miller
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Rebounding

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This is a 48 minute rebounding workout.

The set if from the FitPrimes. It is bright and the music is good. Carol has others in the class rebounding with her. There is a modifier in the back. But sometimes you can't see her too well.

Equipment needed: rebounder and weighted gloves (optional).

This workout consists of several segments of all the traditional rebounding moves. Health bounce, jumping, twists, knees up, kicks, running, turns, sambas and plyometrics. There is much variety in the moves. This is all cardio with different tempos. Carol always instructs as to modifications for more intensity or less. At the end of the rebounding cardio section Carol add some toning exercises. The workout concludes with a core rebounder sit-balance and some yoga asanas.

This is a good rebounding workout to have in your collection for intermediate rebounding. If you want higher intensity rebounding than G-Force 1 would be more appropriate. But remember that G-Force 1 is a circuit and this one is not.

Instructor Comments:
Carol is motivating and cues well. She is very good at giving different options for rebounding moves.