Championship Rebounding

Jerry James
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Rebounding

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This is my first review ever so please bare with me.

The video can be split into 4 sections

1st - he will teach you each moves by just walking around and let the crew show you.

Performance - You go through all the moves for 2-3 rounds

Kickboxing - first Jerry will explain the kickboxing moves and then put combos together. They are really fun IMO but you might need to have a good balance on the rebounder.

Pitbull Drills - high knees speed jogging - really intense - you will go through these 4 times. Jerry gave funny comments (chasing drug dealers) which make time goes by faster.

Generally, I really like this rebounder tape. The intensity is really high and not repetitive. You can split each section for a short workout. I hope Jerry will do another rebounder workout.

Cons - the music is not all that great

Instructor Comments:
Jerry James is a very personable instructor. He encourages you to work hard and is very funny at times.



This was an very fun video and the time flew by. I also have done Urban Rebounding Basics and Urban Rebounding The Challenge and found this to offer a lot more variety of movements. It starts out with a warm up and then moves in to teaching the routine which is a workout in itself. When you actually "perform" the routine the intensity is kicked up. I never got bored the entire time (which lasts about 40 minutes and got a steady state blast of cardio.
He then moves into a kickbox routine which I attempted to do but found it very difficult on the rebounder and ended up stopping the tape.(I guess I prefer my kickboxing on the floor)
Overall I really enjoyed this tape and its one I will pull out again. Since he breaks up the routine into "Teaching" and "Performing" it is one that could be broken up into a 20 minute quick cardio blast.

Instructor Comments:
Very motivating, cues extrememely well.



Setting: Gym with several rebounders in front of a boxing ring. There's a large American flag on the wall to the left of the boxing ring. The lighting is good, and the only shadows I noticed were the ones from the rebounders.

Production: The video is in wide-screen format with royal blue across the top and bottom. I was a little taken aback by it at first, and once in a great while you see a headless body or two bouncing up and down, but overall it's not distracting. Jerry wears a head mike, and he moves around a lot in the first half of the workout (doesn't climb on a rebounder until the second half), so his voice gets a little muffled every now and then, but it's okay overall. Music: By MusicFlex. It's a good upbeat soundtrack for the workout and is loud enough to hear without being overwhelming.

The workout: "Dynamic Warmup" both off and on the rebounder, about 9 minutes; includes some stretching. "Teaching the Routine" on the rebounder--you go through all the moves twice. Includes upper- and lower-body moves--nothing complicated, enough variety to be interesting. Section lasts about 20 minutes. "Performance"--two more run-throughs of the moves with some variations, this time with Jerry on his rebounder, about 18 minutes. "Kickboxing" on the rebounder with all sorts of punches on both sides while you're bouncing, turning your lower body as appropriate, with some kicks mixed with jacks after the punching drills, about 14 minutes. The pace of this section is faster. "Pitbull Drill" where you alternate between jogging and sprinting (running from a dog, running from a mugger, running to catch a drug dealer!), about 4 or 5 minutes. Other than slowing back to the resting bounce (JB's "basic bounce"), there's no cooldown, and there's no stretch at the end.

The class: Real people, males and females of different sizes and shapes.

Instructor Comments:
Jerry's easy for me to bond with. He's very personable, very low-key, and very encouraging. He frequently reminds you to slow down if you need to and gives some form pointers, especially in the kickboxing section. He has a great rapport with his class--during the first part of the workout, he walks through the class, demonstrating moves without a rebounder. The video cover says that he's a national boxing champion, a martial artist, and a law enforcement officer.

Martha E.