Air-O-Bics Phase II

Holly Anderson
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Rebounding

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standpoint. This video is about 45 minutes in length, and begins with a totally unnecessary pitch by Holly Anderson to purchase the Needak rebounder, where we're forced to look at all the components of the rebounder and hear how the Needak "soft bounce" rebounder is unique because it folds in half (WOW). This lasts approximately 5 minutes. Then, follows an introductory segment where Anderson goes through the 8 different sequences to be done during the workout. They include innovative moves named "Jester Tester" and "Irish Can-Can", among others. These moves give good ideas for making up your own rebounder routine. Although this segment was helpful, it would have been better placed at the end, like Step Reebok, Body Pump, the FIRM and others place their intro sections AFTER their workouts.

The set and Ms. Anderson's outfit are equally cheesy. The set actually looks like someone's living room, complete with a fake background picture of a mountain in the window, and the producers are happy to boast at the end that this was filmed at Video West Productions Studio to simulate a living room environment. Anderson wears a red/black striped leotard which is unflattering, and has ultra-long hair like Rapunzel. The music sounds like something you'd hear in the earlier FIRMS. I'll let the reader decide whether that's a good or bad thing.

Nevertheless, I liked the workout. It's a good tape to get if you want to see different moves that can be done on the rebounder, as there's a lot of interesting cheoreography, and my heart rate was sky high the whole time. The only thing that bothered me was that she started with stretches before warming up. I fail to see why instructors, who presumably have been certified in fitness, would begin any exercise program by stretching cold muscles. All in all it is an interesting workout.

Instructor Comments:
Her cuing could be better on some of the trickier moves, but perhaps since they are broken down in the introductory segment, she feels this is not necessary (although I think you can never go wrong with thorough cuing). I felt she could've been a little more engaging and upbeat, but all in all, she is adequate.