Holly Anderson
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Rebounding

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Received "Air-O-Bics video in the mail yesterday. I like it a lot.

The "warmup" consist of stretches on the rebounder. I did the health bounce, before doing the stretches, when I realized I'd be stretching cold muscles.

It looks at first as tho this video will be easy because she doesn't do any sprints, but then she bounces on one leg while kicking to the side with the other leg for a count of 16, then several for the count of eight, then four etc. before switching sides. Really works the standing leg and gets your heart rate up!

It takes a lot a balance to do it the way she does. While she bounces on the standing leg, I just stood still (as much as you can stand still on a rebounder) and did only 8 kicks when she did 16 and 4 when she did 8. I still got a good workout, because she doesn't do the health bounce between moves the way they do in the Urban Rebounding (basics) video.

She doesn't do jumping jacks til the last part of the video, but that's O.K. with me since I can't do them anyway.

Her cueing is O.K. and just in case you miss it, they put it on the screen. This video may be too mild for an advanced (Jump To It) rebounder, but will still give you enough of a workout on those days when you don't feel like going all out. I'd say it was for an "advanced" beginner or intermidiate. I consider a beginner someone who only dos the health bounce and doesn't have good balance to do all the kicks yet.

Warm up & cool down were about 3 minutes each.

I liked the upbeat music. Especially the Piano near the end. I think the intro is lame, but then I think most intros are lame.

When I repeated the workout this morning I didn't do as well as last night, but not being a morning person, I always take it a little easier when working out in the morning and seem to be able to follow the moves better in the evening when I'm more awake.


Instructor Comments:
Personable, but could be more upbeat and smile once in a while.