Advanced Urban Rebounding

JB Berns
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

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If you can get past JB, then you'll find that this is a nice little cardio workout - he does lots of "around the worlds" which is a move done to the front, side, back, other side ,then front and back again other way. It's only about 30 minutes or so (including warmup and cooldown) and not as cardio-intense as the Interval Bound, but good for a lazy day when you want to some quick cardio in a short period.

Some moves include: basic bounce (LOTS of these), kicks, in-outs, lateral knee ups, regular knee ups, jogging, sprinting, scissors, and more.

Instructor Comments:
Even though this is a pretty good cardio workout, I couldn't get past JB's annoying mannerisms and exclamations.

He works out w/ two women in the background (the one on the right really hams it up for the camera), and one of them ISN'T named J.

Okay, then who is he referring to when he says things like "how ya doin' J?" "one mo' J" - at first I thought maybe it's like saying "yo, G," (as in "girl" or "guy") but NO, he's referring to HIMSELF.

I later realized this when he said "come on JB - YAH!" He seems to think he's James Brown and he tries to sound like James Brown w/ all of his grunting and "come on' y'all!"; "HEH!"'; and my fave, "GOOD GAWD - HUHH!" - it's really really sad - not even that funny cos it gets REALLY old quickly. And the moves are not even CLOSE to James Brown's moves - he's saying these things while doing step- touches.



This has to be the most frightening workout I own! JB and the ever-ecstatic background exerciser (known as “Ms. HappyPants”) are so hopped up, hyped up and over the top that it is scary.

JB talks to himself often. He calls himself, “J”. He is absolutely manic throughout the workout. Ms. HappyPants is mugging for the camera at all times. She does a lot of extra, uncalled for embellishments to the basic moves. Including hip swivels, an odd kind of salute, exaggerated facial expressions and numerous jerky. weird movements.

The other female background exerciser seems embarrassed. She sticks out like a sore thumb. She is normal!

The workout itself is the usual UR routine. Basic moves with added spins and turns. I will still do it as I like UR in general. JB’s workouts never bother my knees.

DH told me to just put a towel over the right side of the TV screen when I do it. (Covering up the scene-stealer.)

Instructor Comments:
I happen to like JB usually. His cueing and instruction are very good. But, he had way too much coffee before the shoot!



I love this workout. I love the music, the beat. I feel like I get a pretty good aerobic workout. The more I do it the easier it becomes and the more intensity I can put in to it. I think the length is about 35-40 minutes.

Instructor Comments:
J.B. Berns is a very interesting instructor. It took awhile before he grew on me. He talks to himself in the workout. Odd, but kind of endearing. He's very motivating. He cues very well. He's a fun instructor.



Music was uninspiring, and for a workout entitled 'Advanced', I guess I hoped for something that would rev my gears more.

The moves were very basic, and the workout uninspiring.

I would likely not do this workout again.

Instructor Comments:
Unfortunate tendency to immitate James Brown, and to refer to himself as "J", often telling "J" to "Come on"

I found him a little on the irritataing side, but he's definitely enthusiastic and loves what he does.