Zen Mama: Prenatal Yoga

Rainbeau Mars
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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This a very enjoyable, relaxing prenatal yoga DVD. the instructor, Rainbeau Mars is in her second trimester and she is joined by a woman in her first and one in her third, all showing modifications.
The main workout is divided up into 10 chapters, but is one continuous 50 minute workout, so it flows wonderfully.
I've done yoga before, but it has been a while. The workout was fairly easy to follow, but if you\'re a true beginner you'll want to preview it first.
The Special Features include Labor and Delivery Practice, which is 5 poses from the workout done alone. I don't know about using it as labor practice, but it's good if you're tight in your thighs or back but don't have time for a whole section. There is also a way to do the workout to music without narration, a photo gallery and trailers for the FitMama prenatal, postnatal and FitMama and Me workouts.
Overall this workout really makes me feel great. Most of the poses work on stretching the back and legs, areas I've been very uncomfortable, so this was perfect for me. I'm really happy I picked this up. I know I'll only be pregnant for a few more months, but this DVD has made pregancy a little more comfortable for me, which makes it worth the small investment.

Instructor Comments:
Rainbeau has a very soothing voice and manner. I really enjoyed her style. She does talk quite a bit, and gets the giggles occasionally, but in my opinion this added to the workout instead of taking away from it.