Yoga Zone Postures for Pregnancy

Alan Finger
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum , Yoga

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I was really excited to get this video, and that might be part of the reason why I am a little bit disappointed.

The number one reason this video did not meet my expectations is it is really boring - no music. I love the music on most yoga tapes, they are so relaxing, but this video has absolutely no music. If I do it again I'm just going to get some background music going.

The other reason I'm a little disapointed is because this tape didn't get me as relaxed as most yoga tapes. I love the sensation of lying still after doing yoga and feeling the renewed feeling of circulation, etc. I didn't get that after this tape.

The poses that are used are safe, explained well and demonstrated well, but the entertainment value of this video is very limited. I think the production quality could have been upgraded to make it more enjoyable to follow along.

But there are a couple of poses that I question as being safe. There are two poses done laying flat on your back. At just 16 weeks pregnant, I did them, but it won't be long until I would fast forward this section because it puts too much pressure on the back.

Overall, if you need a video to demonstrate how to do a lot of poses safely while pregnant, than this video is worth it. But I'm only going to do it a couple more times and then practice to background music, without the video.

Instructor Comments:
He is a great instructor. Alan explains all the poses, the benefits from the poses, and reassures you not to overdo it. He is pleasant to listen to.