Redbook Pregnancy Workout

Diane Gausepohl
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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I picked up this 1993 video off a discount rack, and I was surprised to see that it hadn't been reviewed before.

The workout comes in just over 30 min. The setting is generic aerobics studio and the music generic aerobic mix, which I only noticed once or twice. It starts with a 4 min warmup and stretch, followed by 12 min of easy low impact aerobics, designed for the old and excessively safe ACOG guidelines, with two heart rate checks. There is a 3 min cooldown with another heart rate check, and then 8 min of floorwork, including glutes, adductor and abductor lifts, and abs. Then there's 4 min with pelvic tilts, kegels and a closing light stretch.

Neither advanced exercisers nor choreo fans will find much for them here, and many exercisers may want to repeat the aerobics section to feel like they got much of a workout at all. She did get my heart going slightly faster than Madeleine Lewis's Buns of Steel Pregnancy Workout, but in order to do that I had to make the movements a lot bigger. She keeps her feet close and her knees shallow most of the time, and her shuffling "grapevine"takes up about the same space as most instructor's out-out-in-in move. Nor does she tell you to use your back to intensify your arm movements. On the other hand, it does make for a good apartment video.

Her lower body work ignores the quads and the hams, but I can live with that, most of my other videos give short work to the inner and outer thighs. For abs, she shows two variations, shallow crunches that I had no trouble doing while six months pregnant, and abs contractions while lying on the side. Myself, I find abs contractions more effective when on my hands and knees working against gravity.

She packs a fair bit into her 30 minutes, and since I so often have energy only for a short workout, this one is a keeper for me. At least for the next three months...

Instructor Comments:
Her manner was professional, but her cueing was sometimes a bit late, and if her form had used deeper knees, the exercises would have been a lot more effective.

Heather Fraser