Prenatal Yoga

Colette Crawford
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum , Yoga

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Unfortunatelly, another pregnancy yoga video without music in the background. But unlike Yoga Zone's pregnacy video the instructors voice is calm and relaxing and I found I could put on my own background music to do along with the video. Great and challenging poses all fit for pregnacy. Positions done in sitting and standing. Some of the standing ones are very challenging; one foot in air with one hand on block 10 inches from floor. One drawback is that each position is first demonstrated and then the class does this--great for the first time doing but after that or if experienced may not need the demonstration. This demonstration breaks the flow of the yoga positions but gives you time to get a drink, get the right equipment or fast-forward. Definately would recommend to exeperienced in yoga tired of modifing their pre-pregnancy tapes.

Instructor Comments:
Instructor w/ very sothing voice and good instructions and good modifications given for different stages of pregnancy and flexibility.

Katherine Meirink