Pregnancy Plus Workout

Denise Austin
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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I haven't done aerobics in two years, and wanted to be healthy for this my first pregnancy. I found her video and loved it from the first time I did it.

Those who don't like it can always return it and get their money back. Personally, if you are a professional instructor, why would you be buying someone else's workout tape? Make your own!

Thanks Denise for a workout I can actually enjoy doing and feel good about!

Instructor Comments:
Love her! She encourages me just when I am starting to doubt myself, and explains the moves.

I appreciate that she tells me what the exercises are doing, and the reminders to breathe and maintain good posture. It is very easy to start slouching or to not breathe correctly.

I too like that she is happy---I mean, honestly, do you really want some drill sargeant working you through your pregnancy workout? Not me! I need all the encouragement I can get!

Maybe I'm the one she made the video sure works for me!



Continuing with the Denise Austin vs Kathy Smith pregnancy workouts: When I was in my late 2nd and thru the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, it was Denise's workout, not Kathy's, that I could do without getting overexerted. Kathy's pregnancy workout is more grueling (IMO), also, her pregnancy tape does not have a separate postpartum routine like Denise's does - you are just expected to do the same pregnancy workout, postpartum. Also, Denise's sections on ab work, both pre- and postpartum, I found superior to Kathy's. And finally, I like Denise's pre- and post workouts because they are not as long - they are easier for me to fit into a busy day of caring for 3 little ones.

Instructor Comments:
I do not understand all the negative comments about Denise Austin, especially the ones comparing her unfavorably to other instructors such as Kathy Smith. I have two of Denise's tapes, the Pregnancy Plus Workout and TrimWalk Indoors (which does not seem to have been reviewed yet on this site - maybe I'll review it once I get reaquainted with it).

I for one really appreciate Denise's "perkiness". I tend to be rather pessimistic myself, and Denise is very motivating and inspiring. For me, working out w/ a Denise tape is a great stress-reliever and mood-lifter. Also, she seems to stay in time with the music just fine, I can't understand all the comments that say she doesn't stick with the beat - she does. Her cueing is not the best, but her routines are not too hard and are easy to learn, so that after a week or so of working out with one of her tapes, cueing really isn't needed.

I second the comments about Denise being down-to-earth and "like the mom next door". I really like that she has that quality. Kathy Smith, in contrast, I find rather intimidating and just a tad bit conceited. (This is just the way she comes off to me, I'm not saying she actually *is* stuck-up.)



I really liked Denise's video on exercise during pregnancy. It included a visit to her OB\GYN, and she asked all the questions I would have asked my self. It was reassuring to see her pregnant herself and still looking good and exercising. Then at the end of the video, there is a section on getting fit after the baby arrives. It was inspiring to see Denise looking so good only a few short weeks after her baby was born. It motivated me, and I lost all of my pregnancy weight just 8 weeks after my son was born.

Instructor Comments:
I think Denise Austin is great! She has been a great motivator for me to stick with my exercise routine, and her perky comments help me to feel positive about myself and what I'm doing to "try" to get fit. Her comments during the workout make her seem like the girl next door, someone you could ask anything, who is a wife and a mom and career person just like me! I really miss not seeing her show "Getting fit with Denise Austin". Luckily I taped several hours of it and use them each day. I watched her new show on Lifetime and she did seem a bit more mellow. Too bad! She still looks great!

Beth Blank


This tape's concept is to give you two workouts on one tape: one for while you're pregnant and a 20-minute postpartum regime. Denise also included a brief "Q & A" session with an OB/GYN--similar to what Kathy Smith did in her Pregnancy Workout. It's a great concept and all that a pregnant woman needs to get through what experts call the "childbirth year." But I did this tape once and just could not bring myself to do it again. Maybe if I'd gotten this tape before I did Kathy's it would have been different. But in comparing the two tapes--and there are so many similarities it's hard not to--it's really no contest. Kathy's is superior in every way from the beautiful set to the music to--most importantly--professional demeanor. Denise tries almost too hard to make you like her when she isn't telling you that posture or holding your tummy a certain way is "very important." Pregnant women who are prone to crankiness should avoid this tape like the plague!

In fact, I can't think of anyone I can recommend this tape to. I realize that this tape is at least six years old, and many instructors improve over time as they become more polished and professional. But I don't think I want to spend any more time or money on this particular instructor to try and find out if she's improving with age.

Grade: C-

Melissa Cooper