Bounce Back After Baby

Denise Austin
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Of all the exercise tapes I have bought Denise Austin's Bounce Back after Baby is the only one that I have seen results with . I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks and have already noticed a change . I am very glad I got this tape and will recommend it to others .

Instructor Comments:

Denise H.


I bought this video only because I was curious to see the workout choreography. This video is choreographed by Christi Taylor. She is my favorite CIA instructor. She leads the CIA 7002 and 9801 video's. Anyway, Bounce Back AFter Baby is a well done video. I was surprised that it turned out so well. I think because Christi was the backbone of the workout. The warm up has some fun moves. You just see Christi's fun choreography all throughout the workout. Fun grapevines that turn. The music is really upbeat too and has songs like,' Locomotion, Good Lovin' and Get Ready. The aerobics is all low impact with some scoops that you an make into high impact. The aerobics is 20 minutes and is a lot of fun. No boring at all. The toning is done with no weights. Some squats and plies with outer thigh lift. You also use your arms too. Then you go down to the floor for table work( or donkey lifts for some people), inner and outer thigh lifts, some pushups and of course abs( they use a towel behind the neck for support). The floor work is 15 minutes. The stretch is 10 minute's long. They use a towel to stretch the Upper and lower body. Kinda like the Firm towel stretch. All the women are mothers and they show a picture of each woman and her baby at the beginning of the workout. Kinda like Kathy SMith's pregnancy workout. The set is a nice bright set with a bright red/pink couch in the back. Very pleasant. Denise is tan as usual and wearing bright yellow. It was nice to see all body sizes with the mothers. I think this was a very well put together video by Denise Austin. I think it will help women bounce back after having a baby. But I also feel that this workout was only successful because of Christi Taylor. She is a fabulous choreographer and I could tell that every move that Denise did was Christi's. I'm happy there a great video for new mother's to do.

Instructor Comments:
Denise is much more toned down in perkiness in this video. She looks fabulous and is full of smiles and encouragement of course. She keeps up pretty well with the cueing during the workout and the toning floor work. She sometimes will go and check another mother working out during the floor work. She doesn't say as many "Get rid of those love handles!" or "No more cottage cheese Legs!" comments. She is more toned down but still very uplifting and encouraging.

Mandy Lee


This video includes a warm-up (I forgot to time it but it isn't long, maybe 6 minutes), 20 minutes of aerobics, 15 minutes of toning, and a 10 minute stretch. The aerobics are simple in choreography but kind of fun, you're working out to "real" music which is always a plus in my opinion. The toning section is only 15 minutes and she hits on the whole lower body plus abs. Obviously, doing so much in so short a time means nothing gets worked out particularly hard. The stretch as usual for Denise is very nice, relaxing and re-energizing. This tape is definitely at a beginner or maybe advanced beginner level, which is OK since the target audience is new moms who may not have exercised before. I don't find it vigorous enough and am going to trade it, but I probably would've loved it 4 weeks post-partum. It is an adequate, somewhat enjoyable workout, its designed for a particular purpose and meets that purpose pretty well, although its too lightweight for a regular workout. Most post-partum exercisers who are beginning at 4 weeks post-partum will probably enjoy it but outgrow it within 8 weeks or so. It's a tape with a specific purpose and it meets that purpose fairly well. A cheerleader like Denise will either be just what a blue post-partum mom needs, or will make a blue post-partum mom want to blow up the TV with an Uzi, depending on that mom's temperament!

Instructor Comments:
Ok, so some say she's overly perky, and its probably true, but I appreciate her optimism. Her cuing isn't the greatest but her moves are simple enough that its not terribly important. She's at her best during toning in my opinion, and her stretches are typically quite good.

susan p