3 in 1 Patented Pregnancy System

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Setting: The set is the same set as Leslie Sansone's Christian walk workout. Very pretty with wood flooring, large rug, looks like inside of a cabin.


1. Warm up and Core Conditioning

2. Lower Body

3. Upper Body

4. Partnered flexibility

Lisa Wheeler assists Tracey in the first two segments/chapters. Lisa demonstrates all the full versions of all the moves, which can be used pre-pregnancy or post. (thus the 3 in 1 system)

Here is a breakdown of moves in each segment.

Warm Up & Core Conditioning:

Breathing, butterfly stretch, cat stretch, child's pose, downward dog. Tracey always shares with viewers the differences between what she is doing (modified for pregnancy) versus what Lisa is doing. Lateral flexion to the sides, bend knees back into down dog then back into child's pose. The 100 move she demonstrates using pillows to elevate her, making sure to keep head and shoulders 30 degrees off floor. Toe dips are next working abs. This is followed by single leg stretches and mermaid. The last exercises are the side lying series. She uses pillows laying on the side of her body.

Lower Body:

Standing position, roll down & articulate back up. Plies with pelvic curls (working those kegel muscles), then plie again with stretches to the side. (similar to modified side angle pose) Next up is triangle pose with a chair. (Lisa again demonstrates full versions of these poses) Forward bend for stretching back also using a chair. Classic squats , then sumo squats (great for childbirth preparation). Dancer pose using a chair for balance then into tree pose. Next is a hamstring stretch by placing foot up onto chair and bending into that leg. The last move in the lower body sequence is sitting on the chair, crossing foot over leg and bending forward to stretch the outer hip area.

Upper Body:

Tracey does this section alone. She starts with spine stretch forward seated on cushions. 2-3 lb weights and a towel are used in this segment. Next is twists reaching opposite hand to foot, then another spine twist follows. Pick up the weights and cross your legs for comfort. Work biceps by lifting arms straight up and curling weights in. Next is seated chest flyes, followed by overhead press to work triceps. Raise arms with weights out to side and do mini circles. Next she takes the towel and lays it down to help support her hands/wrist. (she mentions many pregnant woman get carpal tunnel related symptoms during pregnancy) Cat pose into neutral spine. Reach one leg out with opposite arm reaching as well to lengthen body. Wide leg child's pose into push ups on knees. Balance moves are next. Done modified, she pushes one leg back and out. Then she goes into full plank. Child pose releases the pose. Balance control front is next. Lift up into table top with belly facing up. Butter fly then stretches you out and completes this section.

Partnered Flexibility:

She and her husband, Chris, demonstrate partner stretches. The first few stretches use the towel. With arms in the air holding towel, partner pulls arms back gently to stretch chest. Next she stretches to the side and her husband holds her pelvis down. Then she twists to the side and he also holds down her hips and assists with the twist by pushing into her shoulder. Hamstring stretch with towel taut around feet & partner applies pressure to assist. The next few stretches do not use the towel. Upper trapezius stretch is next. Partner applies gentle pressure to head while holding shoulder down. 2nd neck stretch is her leaning head down forward & to the side and again, gentle pressure is applied. Upper back stretch by putting hands behind head, elbows to side and partner pulls back elbows. Then in same position, lean head forward to stretch back of neck. The last pose is assisted butterfly stretch.

The music is very relaxing and gentle.

Instructor Comments:
Tracey stated she was 28 weeks, 7 months, pregnant in the video.