Winsor Pilates Power Sculpt Bun & Thigh

Mari Winsor
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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I have really enjoyed getting into workouts on the ball and Pilates as an alternative and/or addition to traditional strength training. Mari Winsor is not my favorite instructor, but I have always loved her original Buns & Thighs workout. It is probably one of my most-used Pilates workouts. I traded away the rest of her workouts. I wasnít sure if I would like another Buns & Thighs workout, but wanted to try it to see what difference using the band would make.

You do need a band for this workout, and it should be a long one. I traded for this workout and didnít get the Winsor band, but I did purchase Ana Cabanís Body Band workout around the same time and it included the Gaiam band Ė basically the same thing. I had various bands before this that I have used over the years, but none of them would have been long enough. The band needs to be long enough for you to lie down lengthwise on the floor, loop the band around your foot, and hold the ends up by your hips.

Nat listed the moves, so I will just give my impressions. The band added quite a bit of resistance to the moves and I REALLY felt this workout. This workout flowed well and is a good length for an add on (around 21 minutes). Like Nat pointed out, it would be fairly easy to end it after the sidekick series, if you need an even shorter workout. She instructs well, although she didnít spend as much time setting up the next move as she did in the Buns & Thighs workout. She does give form pointers throughout the workout, but does not explain the moves. So, it would be helpful to know how to do the moves before doing this workout, especially since you also have to figure out how to deal with the band as well. The addition of a modifier in this workout is a good thing. She is not always on screen, but they go to her fairly frequently and Mari verbally explains her modifications from time to time.

The set is large, bright and airy with a pedestal area for each exerciser to lie on. Mari instructs the workout from a standing position and moves between the front exerciser and the modifier. All the background exercisers seem to have good form and smile the whole way through the workout Ė even when Iím telling Mari that my leg has had enough!

I like this workout and will keep it. Time will tell how much I use it as compared to the original. I am glad to have an alternative to the original Bun & Thighs workout since I have used it so much.

Instructor Comments:
She is calm and informative and motivating. She does gush a little much about the great Winsor band, but it's not too bad.

Laura S.


This workout is a variation of the original Winsor Bun and Thigh workout with the addition of the use of a resistance band. On your side, you do:

Warmup - the hundred
Leg Lifts
Forward and Back
Big Circles
Little Circles
Hot Potato
Rear Leg Pulses
Big Scissors

then you bend at the knees for the following exercises:
Leg Push with band around foot

then with band around both legs:
Elevated Clams
Elevated Clams with a kick

then a much needed stretch and on to the other side. After both legs are done, Mari has you do a series of pelvic tuck series.

I sometimes skip the warmup and the pelvic tuck series but nonetheless I always feel the burn.

I highly recommend this.

Instructor Comments:
Mari is nice. She's not my favorite instructor but she is pleasant and gives decent form pointers.



This workout is similar to the original Buns & Thighs but this time she uses the band to simulate reformer moves. The band makes the exercises burn just a little more and it adds an element of fun to it for me. She includes the same fetal thigh exercises too. At the end, there is a set of pelvic tilt exercises as well. The production quality is good, same studio as most Winsors. There is a modifier - I like that. The DVD has pretty good chapter points from what I can tell. I like the option of different music. This is a short, sweet thigh burner. I recommend it!

Instructor Comments:
She's a good instructor - not too many details. She's encouraging and engaging.