Winsor Pilates Accelerated Body Sculpting

Mari Winsor
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This video is a bit too long for my taste in pilates tapes and I never do it for that reason. I admire Mari Winsor for the exposure she has brought to pilates and the lives she has apparently changed through her videos, but I cannot seem to get into a workout that is any longer than her 20 min workout.

This is a tape that will likely not spend too much more time on the shelf in my house. It will likely be on the next trade list out.

Instructor Comments:

Cori (ziggy2306)


The Winsor Pilates Accelerated Body Sculpting video is a 51 minute workout consisting of 30+ moves. Mari instructs as 5 background exercisers perform the moves; one showing modifications.
This workout is meant to be more like a flowing sequence of moves.

The workout starts in a standing position with "I Dream of Jeanie" arms and then you slowly use your powerhouse to lower your body into a sitting position. Next follows:

-The Hundred
-The Roll-Up (4 slow, 4 fast)
-Single Leg Circles
-Rolling Like a Ball
-Double Leg Stretch
-Single Leg Straight (10 slow, 20 fast)
-Double Straight Leg
-Criss cross (10 slow, 10 fast)
-Spine Stretch Forward
-Neck Roll
-Single Leg Kick
-Double Leg Kick
-Neck Pull
-Open Leg Rocker
-Sidekick Series(Kick-kick; bicycle;leg lifts; big circles; small circles; hot potatoes; lift both legs; big scissors; leg beats)
-Bent Leg Teasers
-The Can-can
-Hip circles
-Spine Twist
-Kneeling side kicks
-Twist Preparation
-The Seal
And on your final move you come up to a standing position.

This is a great, thorough workout. Mari still explains everything quite detailed and I feel she could have cut out a little and shortened the time down a bit without rushing the routine. I tend to like to do pilates for about 20-25 minutes either before I go to bed or tacked on to the end of cardio. The timing of this video would be too long for me to do this.
All in all, I liked this video because it had different moves then other pilates videos contain. This is definitely a video to grow with once you get the basic moves down. It shows plenty of advanced moves with modifications to help learn and gain strength while yet also appealing to the intermed./advanced pilates exerciser. Just wish it moved a tad quicker.

Instructor Comments:
As in all of her videos, Mari Winsor is both terrific and thorough. Her knowledge and presentation of the routine are very classy without overdoing it. She is pleasant, likable and a perfect pilates coach. Mari also is consistent in pinting out modifications for each move, making the routine unintimidating for even a beginner.

Lisa :o)