Supreme Pilates Buns & Thighs

Ellen Croft
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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I've been meaning to get around to this review for a while! This is one of six DVD's for the Supreme Pilates machine. This Buns & Thighs DVD is a great little workout that gets a lot done in a short amount of time. It runs approximately 20 minutes and is a perfect add-on workout. It's a great "no dread factor" type workout for me. With the exception of the butt bridge move, you use the long springs for every move.

Ellen jumps right in and gets started immediately lying down facing away from the "tower" using the long springs. Breakdown of moves are:

Small Circles (5x) using both legs together. Repeat in reverse direction 5x more.

Helicoptors (10x) one leg is extended up, one legs is down. Legs are scissored and then rotate in opposite circles

Bend & Straighten (10x). Bending both legs in table top position, you extend out, squeezing inner thighs and legs straight out then pull back up; repeat.

Low Frogs (5x) Position legs in a frog (knees open, ankles togther) and slide feet down floor.

Half round leg raises (10x) Legs together; hold half round prop between ankles and squeeze lowering legs to the floor holding the prop; raise them back up squeezing

Tendu (10x) Extend one leg straight on the floor reach other leg up straight in turn out and bring it down with arch meeting other foot on floor

Single Leg Circles (5 each way)

Heel Slide Releve (3x) bend one leg up, extend other leg. Take bent leg in turn out; slide heel of foot alongside inner thigh of extended leg.

Flip over for Prone Butt Lifts (5x each leg). Lying on stomach with spring on one leg; extend leg up and tighten buttock, bring the foot and squeeze it to meet other foot.

Side leg lifts 5x (using half round prop for support) lie on side extend one leg from the hip out and then bring the foot to the foot.

Inner thigh lifts (one spring on one leg) while lying on side extend both legs straigh and lift up then scissor/squeeze inner thighs (5x)

Small kicks (5x) flutter kick style...lying on side scissor legs alternating quickly.

Butt bridges (10). Lie on back, feet propped up on the tower, roll up to a butt bride pelvic raises; knees together. Performed slowly invoking abs.

Standing Squats in turn-out position 10x

Standing rear butt kicks 10 x each leg (standing rear leg extensions using spring)

Hope that gives you an idea of the moves. This one is a bun and thigh burner for me. This is really firming up my glutes and pulling in my hip area. Highly recommended.

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