Power Pilates Beginner Workout

Carrie Clark
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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I have done several pilates videos and the power pilates series is by far my favorite.
This DVD lets you "customize" your workout by choosing from various sequences and combining them.
The simplest option is to chose "daily workout" which is about 12 minutes long (don't quote me on that) and includes the hundred, the roll up, leg circles, rolling like a ball, single leg stretch, double leg stretch "scissors" (aka single straight leg stretch), "lower lift" (aka double straight leg stetch) criss cross, spine stretch foreward, cork screw, and the saw.
The custom workout option allows you to add on "additional workout" which gives you a swan prep, single leg kick, side kick series, a modified teaser, swan, and a plank variation.
The instruction is matter of fact and thurough, and a modification is always shown. The modifier is always front and center if you need her, unlike many workouts where the modifications can barely be seen. In these two segements whnever a new exercise is introduced, you have the option to click "Enter" when the red "power pilates" logo shows up and it will take you to "provate instruction" which is really just a still photo of the exercise but with a more in depth explanation of it.
You can also choose to add on a segment that uses the magic circle and a brief one that uses the wall.
There is also the option to add on or do seperately, a "back safety" workout which is taughtby a different instructor and demonstrated by Dr. Howard Sichel, the programs founder. This is an excellent option for older adults and those recovering from injuries, and as an instructor I found many of the modifications helpful for my students.
All and all, You definitely get your money's worth with this one, it's pretty much impossible to find a good mat workout together with a good magic circle workout. It seems like they where really interested in putting out a really good quality DVD and including all they could. They could easily have taken the "props" workout from this one and the intermediate workout DVD and put them together, but they chose to include them as great "extras" which is something I really appreciate, I'm sewriously considering becoming certified as a power pilates instructor after viewing this.

Instructor Comments:
Carrie is very knowledgeable and matter of fact, but he delivery can be summed up as high school drama student meats drill instructor. For some reason my mom thinks she sounds like an anime character. I really love this DVD but it drives my family crazy if they can hear it. If an annoying delivery is something you can't stomach this probably isn't for you, but if you can look past that, it is obvious that Ms. Clark knows what she's doing.