Laurette Willis
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This is not yoga. It is a gentle but strengthening stretch program that includes spiritual content for the evangelical Christian.

The DVD contains two workouts, 60 minutes and 20 minutes, and two short flow-through sequences. These sequences are nothing like yoga vinyasa except that one of them does include cobra (vine) and downward facing dog (tent). These are done to well known Scriptures. I am not doing them now; although I probably will once I learn them.

Production: The music is instrumental contemporary Christian and hymns. The production quality is professional. The set is a church stage with a huge multi-media screen in the background that shows pictures of Israel. The background exercisers are on tiers and are easy to see.

Breakdown of the 60 minute workout:

Walkin' Wisdom Warm-up: I skip this because I use this workout after I've done 15 minutes of T-Tapp which gets me plenty warm. It is 14 minutes of walking steps similar to what you would see on a Leslie workout with Scriptural affirmations.

Postures: I'll just list the sequence here. Laurette has changed the names of the traditional yoga postures to reflect the theme of the Scripture used with each one. The poses are held long as she guides you into each one and then has you stay there while she recites the corresponding Scripture.

1. Mount Zion (Mountain)- moves into Reed, arms up and back

2. Eagle - this is a half forward bend with back straight, hips 90 degrees, arms straight back and lifted with palms up - nice for the triceps.

3. Angel - forward lunge with arms straight up by the ears and back leg straight, calf stretch. She gives the option to work on balance after you've held this awhile by lifting the back leg (airplane).

4. Rainbow - standing side stretch

5. Tallit or Prayer Shawl (Forward bend)

6. Star - Standing with straight legs spread a little wider then shoulders. This moves into a modified triangle for each side.

7. Rest and Stretch (Supine Spinal Twist)

8. Scroll (seated forward bend) one- legged and two-legged

9. The Vine (Cobra)

10. The Little Child (Child's Pose)

11. Peter's Boat - Laurette shows Bow as the harder modification

12. David's Harp (Camel)

13. Dove (Pigeon)

14. The Runner (Runner's Stretch)

15. Flapping Tent (Cat Stretches)

16. The Tent (Downward facing dog)

17. The Altar (Plank)

18. The Cross (Side-plank)

19. Prayer Warrior (Warrior II and reverse)

20. Tree - the only pose she didnít change the name of, however, she did alter the move a bit. Instead of straight up, the arms come up spread to the sides curved or in a v in alignment with shoulders as the boughs of a tree.

Next is the flowing series of poses done to The Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm followed by relaxation.

My only complaint about the workout is that Laurette talks the entire time during the relaxation. I guess whether you like that or not would depend on whether you prefer a guided relaxation. It would have been a more meditative time for me if I could just turn off the voice and hear the music, but that's me. I think that I would have also liked to have the warriors and trees come before the floor poses. Once I'm on the floor I like to stay there, but maybe I need to mix it up a bit. Ok, there is one other thing. I would have liked better chaptering. If I want to skip the warm-up I have to fast forward through it. Aside from those minor kirks this is a workout that I will keep and do. I will either add it onto another 15-30 minute video or do it on a light day. In fact, I think it will be perfect to alternate with the Baron workouts. Laurette is coming out with Power PraiseMoves. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

Instructor Comments:
Laurette has a good voice for this type of instruction, clear and soft spoken. She gives excellent alignment instruction, which makes this a great workout for beginners that they will be able to grow with as more difficult modifications are given for most poses.