Pilates Matwork Fitness Circle Workout

June Kahn

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Recently, Iíve been getting into Pilates fitness circle workouts. I found this tape on Sara Cityís web site for $10 and figured it was worth that to try it. I will probably keep this tape for awhile and see if I work it in on a regular basis.

June Kahn leads the workout and Laurie Tuchman is the one background exerciser. They are both miked and talk back and forth like buddies throughout the workout. This is a basic Sara City workout, so the production values are fairly basic. It is shot in a workout studio where they both lay on their own mat. The music is what I would call New Agey instrumental.

The tape is made for the workout instructors to learn new choreography for their classes, so the entire workout is structured for that. June gives form pointers and talks about how to integrate the moves into a workout, although this workout is a more straight forward workout for the end user than some of the other Sara City workouts oriented to instructors that Iíve seen.

June starts the workout with a three-minute detailed explanation of Pilates basics. Then, she gets into the workout. This workout contains more standard Pilates floorwork moves integrating the fitness circle than I have seen in other fitness circle workouts. In some ways itís tougher than some of the other fitness circle workouts, like Ana Cabanís fitness circle workout. It does work much of the body.

I clocked the workout at 33 minutes with 5-6 additional minutes of ending stretches.

Instructor Comments:
She was pretty matter of fact and informative.

Laura S.