Pilates Magic Circle Workout

Year Released: 1997

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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I got this at Target for 24.99 so I figured why not. When I saw the ring , I wasn't sure about it, but it works, & is relatively sturdy. The vdeo quality is ok, low budget, & the quality of the ring is ok; I didn't like the fact that it was made in Taiwan (sweatshops). If you're like me & can't afford to buy the actual ring & the video ($79.00) than this is better than nothing. The company that manufactures this is Stamina Products, & to my surprise, I think is actually associated with Pilates Inc. They also make the cheaper version of the Pilates Performer. The set is all white, with a light pink light in the background, & very low instrumental music.

Most of the exercises are 8-10 reps each, but she goes fast, the instrunction is dubbed over, & she doesn't do all the reps. The exercises are: arms, head & neck, standing, standing innerlegs (you might need a workout dowel or even a broom will work), sitting, *the 100, *corkscrew variation, *overhead variation (the last 3 with the use of a Pilates performer). But you don't need a performer, & to do the corkscrew, just grab a hold on sturdy chair that won't move.

The next are used in conjunction with a mat: the 100, roll-up, roll-over, double leg stretch, double straight leg, open leg rocker,corkscrew, sidekick variation, hip circles. Again, a regular mat, or a carpeted floor will work.

The exercises are actual Pilates moves, so it does work. The video however is probably only 15 minutes long. If you have money to spend, go for Moira Stott, mat or circle- I've never personally tried it, but I've heard it's good.

Instructor Comments:
The video was so short so I can't comment much on her. She said her name so fast & unclearly, so I don't know her name.