Pilates for Weight Loss: Motivational Audio Program CD

Ana Caban
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This audio CD is an accompaniment to the Pilates for Weight Loss: 30 Minute Quick Start DVD workout. Along with the DVD and CD kit is an access code for more specific dietary and exercise recommendations on a Gaiam web site for weight loss.

The CD has 6 tracks. The first 5 range around 1 minute long.

Track 1 focuses on staying on track with weight loss goals, by giving general recommendations about food intake and exercise.

Track 2 gives general recommendations for healthier eating and the benefits of doing so. Ana even reveals that she herself was beginning to combat weight gain until she started following some of these recommendations.

Track 3 suggests keeping a journal. The journal can record food eaten for the day, helping to create a sense of moderation. Or the journal can be of thoughts, such as lists of activities you have planned or even just how you are feeling.

Track 4 gives specific examples of what topics can be written in a journal. Some suggestions are current thoughts in the head, which exercises you enjoy, focus on daily fitness, or accomplishments.

Track 5 lists ideas of activities that will be beneficial to practice daily. For example, you should take time for yourself, focus on small steps, exercise, expect disappointment at times, think of 3 things you are grateful for, and drink 8 glasses of water.

Track 6 contains the actual audio workout. It is perfect for traveling as it is a mini-version of the workout on DVD.

The first 2 minutes discusses Joseph Pilates's belief on the purpose and effects of pilates.

The next 4 minutes include warm up stretches. This part would be good if doing no other workout before hand, or if relaxing at the end of the day, but it can be skipped if you prefer to go directly to the actual mat work, especially if you had done cardio first, for example.

Stretches while lying on the back:
? Pull knees into the chest, one at a time, with slow, synchronoized breathing. (2)
? Rib cage stretch: lift arms straight up above then pull over-head (5)
? Single leg hamstring stretch
? Lying back twist
? Breathing and relaxing with knees bent, feet on floor

The next 11 minutes begin the actual mat work. The workout is nearly identical to its DVD counterpart, using the same music and most of the same exercises; however, extra attention to description has been given to enhance the ability to follow along with the audio format.
The following exercise series is included:

? The hundred
? Roll-up (5)
? Single Leg Circles (5 each direction, each leg)
? Rolling like a ball (5)
? Single leg stretch ( 5 slow)
? Double straight leg stretch (2 modified with arms and legs straight up, 3 normal)
? Spine stretch forward (5)
? Saw (3 each side)
? Breathing and relaxing with knees bent and feet on the floor while lying on the back

The remaining 8 minutes or so continues with the relaxation music used in the DVD format.

I think the CD is a good reminder for anyone looking to change to or keep healthier habits, regardless of weight loss goals, if any. The actual workout is performed at Ana?s normal pace and is at a low to mid-intermediate level. I plan to use this workout for travel, relaxing at the end of a day, or as an add-on.

Instructor Comments:
Ana's instruction is very clear and purposeful, and her tone is soft and encouraging. Her strong visualization skills greatly aid in her description, allowing the exerciser to complete each exercise with good form.

T aka Cowfishpro