Pilates For Every Body

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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The Pilates for Every Body DVD is fine for the reason that it does HIT THE SPOT!

Instructor Comments:
I used to think that Denise Austin was ridiculous. NOT ANY MORE! I now only twenty of her videos. My form has improved with better abs and a weight loss of 12 pounds in two months. She is a very positive woman with a great zest for life and a lovely voice. We need more like her in the USA, especially nowadays! The Pilates for Every Body DVD has greatly improved my posture and my life.

Ross Hocker


I just got through working out to this tape for the first time. I have quite a few Denise Austin tapes but I have to say that this one was a disappointment. Denise talked entiredly too much on this tape and moved from one exercise to another too quickly. When the tape was done, I don't feel like I received a good workout at all. I do like her Pilates Mat Workout tape. On that tape, the music is soft and she doesn't talk as much and stays on one exercise long enough to feel the effects of it. I did not enjoy using the band either on this tape and feel like it was a waste of time and a real distraction. I would not recommend this tape to anyone.



This is a 45 minute video that Collage rates beginner/intermediate. I would say it is more intermediate. Some parts require a longer flexband.
Denise looks great in black pants and a rust tank. The set is multicolored geometric flowing shapes. Pastel and pretty. It's just Denise in this one. I would consider this tape pilates and strength fusion light. It's kind of fun. Pilates with a little kick of strength to make you feel you've done enough. What I liked: the arm balances/side series--really challenging. What I didn't like: the standing leg series--I don't like ballet type moves. Harkens me back to my childhood chubby ballerina days (blech).

Intro by Denise

7 min. warmup--flowing, kind of Tai Chi-like w. a few yoga poses

18 min. Pilates Matwork

Roll-ups and variations
Circular sit-ups
Single leg stretch

This segment uses a band:

Pilates row and variations
Leg Raise
Leg circles
Side Series (pretty advanced):
Side plank moves with twists and T stands followed by mermaid stretch

Toe stretch

7 min. Leg Series:

This is ballet type barre work--Front and back kicks
heel beats
Passe with front and back kick
Ronde de Jambe
Side kicks

7 min. of integrated Upper and lower body work using the long flexband

Front row
criss cross row
one leg squat with bicep curl
crossover row with side lunge
tricep kickback with balance
lunge with overhead press


Instructor Comments:
Gotta admire Denise Austin for being tops in the fitness business for so long. She's about my age but looks much younger and is in top shape. Yes--I find her annoying but have noticed in her yoga/pilates videos she is much less so. This video is choregraphed by Lisa Wheeler --of Method video fame.

Sandy M