Rose Zahnn
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Working with 2 others, (one always showing modifications), Rose takes you through an efficient workout that will build core strength and create leaner muscle tone. The workout includes a warmup and a cooldown. Lots of form pointers so beginners will find it user friendly (and more experienced exercisers can continue working on their form). The warmup is very fluid and will prepare the participant for the main workout. The main session includes balance work and some wonderful stretches. The variety of exercises will condition and tone the entire body (and prevent boredom). Rose remains positive and upbeat throughout. Beginners will especially appreciate the deliberate and precise instruction. The workout blends traditional moves with pilates. The sequence begins with the standing dynamic warmup, works through the floor routine and concludes with specific stretches to elongate the muscles you've worked.

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