Perfect in 10 Stretch

Annette Fletcher
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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Since Tamilee Webb's stretching dvd is my most used workout, I am always looking for good 10 minute stretches to add on. This dvd is divided into 5 ten minutes segments of 1)upper body, back & hips, 2) hips and legs 3) sedentary lifestyle relief 4) sports stretch and 5) intense stretch. The instructor is in a plain room instructing with some use of props (chair, etc). I would have preferred an outdoor scenery setting, but there was nothing about the set that was upsetting or distracting.
All in all, I found these 10 minutes stretches helpful for a quick add on but nothing marvelous that I'll look forward to doing on a daily basis. While I will use them occasionally to supplement my Tamilee stretching tape, Tamilee's is still the one I will reach for first!

Instructor Comments:
Was not at all distracting or memorable, which is exactly what I want in a stretch workout!