Perfect in Ten Pilates

Annette Fletcher
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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NOTE: I received a free review copy of this DVD from the web site

Perfect in Ten are a series of DVD releases, each of which provide five 10-minute workouts. In Perfect in Ten Pilates, certified Pilates instructor Annette Fletcher offers five short Pilates practices which both focus on different parts of the body as well as promote general flexibility. Given the short time frame for each workout, Fletcher moves quickly through the exercises, wasting little time on setting up the moves. Therefore, I would not recommend this DVD for those new to Pilates; in fact, the middle three programs are quite challenging and thus more suited to those with an intermediate level of experience with the Pilates technique.

The five workouts included on this DVD are as follows:

1. Get Up & Go. This is a gentler workout, almost like a pre-Pilates routine. The stretches have a yoga-ish feel to them, although Fletcher does include some true Pilates moves here, such as single leg circles.
2. Pilates FocusóAbs. Surprisingly, this segment ups the intensity quite a bit from the first one. Fletcher offers a more traditional Pilates sequence in this workout, focusing mainly on moves that specifically target the abdominal area such as the hundred, roll-ups, the series of five, and the roll-over.
3. Strong Arms & Back. This workout, which continues on the mat (i.e., not the Pilates arms series), is interesting in that it includes many Pilates exercises rarely seen in Pilates videos, such as leg pull downs, full side bends, twists, and breast stroke.
4. Legs & Glutes. As might be expected, this segment includes the Pilates side kick series. The prone work for the glute is a bit unusual, with a variation on heel beats plus swimming. There is also a kneeling side kicks exercise, bridge work, and a single hip stretch to finish.
5. Freedom & Flexibility. Here Fletcher states that she will introduce moves to open the lower back; these include a tree stretch, rolling like a ball, and open leg rocker. The remainder of this segment consists of more general full body stretches such as the mermaid.

This DVD would be well-suited to those with some Pilates experience who are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense Pilates video. The short segments can easily be used together to create a longer workout if time allows but work fine on their own as well. Overall, a solid Pilates workout, and I would definitely recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
I thought that Annette was fine; fairly business-like and no-nonsense. You can see clips of the video on

Beth C (aka toaster)