The New Method 20/20: Target Toning

Jennifer Kries, Lisa Wheeler
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This workout is a compilation based on The Method TV show. The segments are compiled into 2 20-minute workouts. The dvd is chaptered and has a basic menu that lets you select workout 1 or 2, but there are no extra features.

Workout 1 is upper body focused, and is led by Lisa Wheeler. Lisa is an extremely competent and personable instructor and I enjoyed her teaching style a lot. She begins with some "sun breaths" to warm up, then does some brief plank work before heading into the Pilates arm series with light weights. This is mostly isometric shoulder work with plie moves thrown in. There is some triceps and chest work on the floor, some dip and tabletop work, then workout 1 concludes.

Workout 2 is lower body focused and is led by Marjon Conteau. Following a few roll-ups and stretches, Marjon begins a standing section focused on plies with tempo and lift variations, then a standing lunge sequence. Following this we move to the floor for some prone lifts, side lifts and two minutes of ab work.

I really liked both instructors (although Marjon lost a point for saying ‘tush’ a few times), and these routines are a lot more streamlined and better cued than some of the dancy funky stuff from the prior Method incarnations. But overall I did not feel either routine was very challenging. They were a pleasant way to kill 40 minutes and I enjoyed my little visits with Lisa and Marjon, but I am just not sure we actually DID much. And for a "Pilates" routine there was shockingly little actual ab work.

The routine did feel nice though, and I really like the flow of the workout and the instructor’s personalities. If this tape is viewed on the stretching and relaxation spectrum as opposed to the Pilates and workout one, it is a very nice little routine indeed. Just don’t believe the box hype about how tough it is :-)