The Method: Dynamic Firming and Flexing

Lakey Evans
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This is actually a great stretch tape. I got it for $14.95 (I think!!) at a Suncoast Video in my local mall. It's 3 segments(about 15-20 min each): the first is a total body stretch, the 2nd an upper and the final a lower. BUT, I think the entire thing is total body. There are some light toning parts that you need a band for, but since I use this as a stretch tape, I just do a stretch on my own (or fast-forward) through them, since there are hardly any and they are extremely easy. There's no specific Pilates or yoga, but there are a lot of sun breaths. It's definitely Pilates and yoga inspired. There is nothing 'spiritual' about it, I guess the beautiful music could be considered new agey, but it's very relaxing. All in all, I really love this as a stretch tape.

Instructor Comments:
She's wonderful- very relaxing, excellend explanation on body alignment. I find that true of the other Method videos I've tried, too. Just on a personal note, she appears to be Latina (like me!), so that's a definite plus in my book :)



This is a really good stretching tape. It's broken into 3 15-20 minute sections that would be great to add onto your strength and/or cardio workout. The title is misleading because it should be Dynamic Flexing. The 'Firming' parts are pretty much nonexistent, if you're used to Cathe's PS, MIS, or even Karen's GWW, you'll laugh at the 'toning' parts. What I do is hold a stretch during these sections. But, other than that, I really like this video as an add-on to my regular cardio/weight workout as my stretch. The first section is 'total' body, the second is 'upper' and the last is 'lower' but I think all 3 are pretty much total body stretches. There are some yoga-based stretches, Pilates and athletic. Most are standing (I wish there were more lying/floor stretches). They use a dynaband for some parts, but it's not necessary. I recommend this as a stretch tape, but not as a toning tape.

I think her name is Lakey Evans. I really like her soothing voice and her flexibility rivals Jennifer Kries. I think I prefer Kries- no particular reason, I guess I'm just used to her.