Hard Core Softer Side

Terrie Reeves
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This workout combines core strength training, Pilates and yoga. There are some tough moves, so I would recommend this video for int/adv exercisers, even though some modifications are shown. You should also not have any wrist problems because there are a lot of exercises where you are using your hands to support your body.

There is a lovely flow throughout with a lot of form pointers and excellent visualizations.

This is a good workout for someone looking for a fusion of disciplines with a fresh feel. However, don't look for high production quality. The camera work, sound and music are good, but the set is spartan with just two mats (one for the background exerciser) on red floors with red walls.

Instructor Comments:
Terrie has made forays into kickboxing, but I think her real forte is core strength training. She is very warm and personable.



This is a core workout, but so much more. The exercises are not your “same old” and really hold your interest. I classify it as intermediate/advanced. Although Terrie does show several modifications to make moves easier, I think it would be very tough for a beginner. The production is not very good – it’s one of those low-budget ones with an ugly, sort of burgundy-colored, background. The audio quality is fine, though. It gets an A from me taking into account the production (otherwise it would be an A+).

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.