Groovy Goddess, Yoga and Pilates Workout

Melissa Stone
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

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Pretty outdoor setting with tribal, mystical music. Good production quality. (Please note this is a dvd-r production in case that matters)

Each chapter is about 15 minutes in length and you can do the entire workout or any individual sections (good for time constraints). Here are the chapters:
Full Workout
Breathing and Stretching
Sun Salutations & Balancing
Abs & Legs
Strap Stretches
Chakra Meditation

The Session:

Breathing and Stretching:
Melissa begins on the floor with deep breathing and relaxing stretches. Head/neck and shoulder rolls warm up the upper body. Forward seated fold stretches out the back and hamstrings. Pilates saw is next which will work the waist and torso. You'll then stay in the wide v-legged position for another forward fold. Next is butterfly which stretches the groin and inner thighs. Mermaid stretch follows. Moving to hands and knees, you'll then perform a cat/cow sequence. In that same stance you'll move side to side in a C-shape, which works the side of waist. Rest in childs pose. Next sitting in crossed legged position you'll perform forward folds (straight forward and over each knee). This completes the session. (this session works beautifully with the strap sequence)

Sun Salutations & Balancing:
Melissa takes you through the sequence slowly so beginners can even follow along. During this 15 minute session you'll repeat the salutation several times as Melissa adds on as you go along. Melissa also demonstrates several standing poses (Mountain/Triangle) before moving into balance.

Abs & Legs:
Pilates and yoga movements are integrated in this session. Melissa begins with modified rollup into full rollup. Next several crunch variations are demonstrated to work the entire core region. Lying twists work the obliques (and feel great on the spine). To work your legs, Melissa performs the side lying leg series from pilates.

Strap Stretch:
Using a strap to deepen the stretch, you'll perform exercises that target your hamstrings and inner thighs. This is session is short but effective! (personally, my favorite)

Chakra Meditation: This is great as a final relaxation and positive end to your practice.

Instructor Comments:
Melissa developed this practice, which by the way helped her lose 50 pounds, to inspire others to be their best.